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Come On Baby Light my Fire!

Ignite your retail profits with Campfire FX, Canada's leading Campfire Colorant! Simply place an entire, sealed package of Campfire FX on your fire and watch the magic begin! Within two minutes, your fire will be a mesmerizing display of brilliant purple, green, and blue flames. Best of all, your campfire fun will last for up to 30 minutes per use!

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One "Hot"Threesome...

Campfire FX is proud to introduce the Campfire FX 3-Pack. Each 3-Pack contains three single-use Campfire FX packages. Campfire FX 3-Packs are the perfect addition to a weekend camping trip!

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"My family and I took a weekend vacation to the Whiteshell. We brought along a couple packs of Campfire FX and we were not disappointed!"

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  • Master carton contains 50 retail pieces
  • Attractive full-color display unit
  • Complimentary point-of-sale promo materials to boost sales
  • Proudly made in Canada
  • Campfire FX 3-Packs Now Available!
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  • Camping Section
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